What I Do

I am contracted by hundreds of lay people. medical professionals and corporations every year to educate and certify them in various EMT (Emergency Medical Training). What you may not know is that I am compassionate about educating you, not only to certify you but to make you comfortable in the event that emergency medical services arise. My goal is more than teaching but to offer you the confidence to know that if/when it happens you are ready for it.

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AHA Certified

All of my Emergency Medical Training classes are certified by the American Heart Association. This not only offers you the credentials you will be required to obtain but it also ensures you that you are getting the industries most up to date information.
American Heart Association

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All of my classes come with all the educational resources you will require in order to be certified. In other words . . . no hidden fees or other out of pocket expenses. My classes offer everything you need to become certified. To view the pre-course material and suggested reading please click here

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About Me

As an educator I am always asked about my experience and history in Emergency Medical Training Services (EMTS). With that I can tell you a brief history of how I came to be the industry go to in terms of EMTS.

While working with the Fire Department over my 15 year tenior I quickly realized the need for EMTS for the average everyday citizen. So many lives could be saved with some simple training. Once I started digging into it I soon there after realized that there are no quality educational resources for this. After retiring from the Fire Department in 2004 I began looking into offering classes for the citizen who wanted to be "in the know". Shortly after offering a few classes I was understanding that much of the medical profession was in need of these same classes for various certification requirements. That is how it all started. If you want to know a little more about me check out this quick video of me introducing myself and explaining my career. Please check out this brief video of me introducing myself to you and explaining what I do.

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